At the mid-point of Agenda 2030, it is more important than ever to work together to ensure a better future for all. The SDG story is about what most people want: more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable societies, no later than 2030. The UN SDG Action Campaign remains hopeful that we can face these challenges in solidarity and flip division into togetherness, and apathy to action. It is time to react, reset, restart. Old models have not delivered. We need new ones. 

In these challenging times for the world, we must flip the script to show that change is possible. We must reimagine the narrative and turn apathy into action. Turn fear into hope. Division into togetherness.

We will work with our partners across all sectors to make sure we are part of the solution. Every action matters – no matter how great or small. We will flip the script on our own approaches to help mobilize, inspire and connect our global community of SDG actors. This is our moment and the time is now.







Global Week to #Act4SDGs

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In 2022, the Global Week to #Act4SDGs mobilized 142 million SDG actions from all over the world. 142 million actions that had a positive impact on efforts to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals and make a difference for both people and planet.

During 16-25 September, 2022, the UN SDG Action Campaign and its partners scaled up engagement across the world across the themes of climate, justice and peace – from igniting creativity, driving climate action, strengthening sustainable food systems, mobilizing local governments, bringing together youth movements, and much more – remarkable actions that showcase our collective commitment to ensuring a more sustainable environment and planet.

All actions are captured and visualized in our Global Map of SDG Action, which can be filtered down by country, region, SDG, and sector allowing us to report back at key UN milestone moments to show how collective action can lead to great change around the world. Visit for more information.

UN SDG Action Awards

The UN SDG Action Awards is a signature initiative of the UN SDG Action Campaign that celebrate transformative approaches and innovative solutions that mobilize, inspire and connect people to drive action towards a more sustainable future on a healthy planet.  From individuals to initiatives, we seek to recognize those that are flipping the script and rethinking how we live and what progress and development look like. This year the Awards also celebrate Changemakers that inspire and empower others through their actions. 

On 27 September, the winners were announced during a live streamed Awards Ceremony interspersed with music and performances. 


Decent jobs, social protection, quality education and health services, climate action, clean water. All people desire these. The Sustainable Development Goals are meant to deliver them, leaving no one behind.

While the current moment of global crisis poses great risks, it also offers hope for sweeping changes, on the scale the Goals demand. People at large are coming forward to steer a new course for their world, joining governments, businesses and diverse organizations. Their common call: Act now. Achieve justice and human well-being. Heal our planet.

The UN SDG Action Campaign joins committed individuals, organizations and growing SDG networks to channel the power of people to act on the Goals – and inspire others to do the same.

We embrace a hopeful vision that the transformation of the world imagined in the SDGs can be achieved, and that the justification for doing so now is stronger than ever before.


SDG Action Talks

The SDG Action Talks aims to inform and inspire participants about key issues like climate action and poverty alleviation, human rights, and combating global inequalities. Through the dialogues, change makers from across the world share their vision for how we can turn it around, and issue a call to action for audiences to take action in their own lives and through their spheres of influence. Find all our Dialogues on the dedicated page.


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