The current global crisis is a stark reminder of how connected we are. In the sharpest possible relief, it also shows how far we are from resilient, inclusive, sustainable societies. And how we must work together across borders, sectors and generations to overcome challenges affecting all of humanity.

Together with our partners, the UN SDG Action Campaign is seizing four opportunities to scale up transformative changes leading to the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Inspire action for

OUR Goals

From fair wages to quality health care to social protection, the SDGs are the roadmap to recovery and resilience. The UN SDG Action Campaign brings the Goals to broad audiences, inspiring a groundswell of action for “our goals” as inherent to “our lives”. We involve everyone, across societies, so the drive to achieve the Goals becomes unstoppable.

Mobilize leaders to to

go beyond business as usual

Until recently, the transformative changes required to achieve the 2030 Agenda were perceived as too costly and difficult. Yet the pandemic’s shattering consequences have fueled momentum to accelerate transformation. People are reimagining societies, economies and governance to realize not just short-term gains, but long-term commitments to human rights, sustainability and mutual benefit.

By mobilizing leaders from many quarters to pursue bold alternatives to business as usual, the UN SDG Action Campaign calls for social, economic and governance systems to move fast in mitigating inequalities, reducing human vulnerability and deprivation, and taking better care of our shared environment, among other fundamental concerns.

Hope & Togetherness—Building a Sustainable World! Rallying around a fundamental: ending poverty

To mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the UN SDG Action Campaign, UNDP and Heart17 will rally informed and active citizens in physical and virtual events exploring creative solutions to top SDG concerns. High-level UN leaders and famous artists will exchange ideas and encourage individuals to become part of a just recovery from COVID-19. The events will bring new people and commitment into the SDG action community.

Amplify individual actions

into an engaged community

Individual action can unleash tremendous power, as the COVID-19 response has repeatedly shown. Around the world, people have inspired and comforted each other with simple, spontaneous acts of everyday heroism. The UN SDG Action Campaign amplifies individual actions by building a constituency of engaged and informed individuals, strategically using the “butterfly effect”. As people share their actions, and encourage others to act, they galvanize momentum behind transformative changes.

The TurnItAround Campaign: Setting a new course for the coming decade

Through a butterfly effect, the campaign will renew hope and shape a constituency to mobilize for the duration of the SDG Decade of Action, showing world leaders that people everywhere stand behind the 2030 Agenda. To mark the fifth anniversary of the SDGs, the Action Campaign will collaborate with creative partners to fire up a million or more individuals who can turn it around for people and the planet

Leveraging digital platforms: Fuelling SDG action, one person at a time

An enhanced digital SDG Action platform is a go-to hub for the SDG Action community and ongoing activism, collaboration and learning. Individuals and organizations turn to it to discover initiatives in their communities, create their own actions, find resources and track events across the world.

Art for the SDGs: Speaking through creativity and culture

Landscape art and street murals. Augmented reality and immersive stories. Famous artists and new creators. Art for the SDGs mobilizes people of all ages and backgrounds to express their creativity for a social good. The process brings members of the creative community into leading global solutions, creating the basis for a future SDG Art & Culture Compact that rallies creatives for SDG Action.

Foster a

global solidarity movement

and keep people involved

A spontaneous solidarity movement is emerging, lifting hopes that more unites us than divides us, and that we can work together for a better world. Channeled well, the movement is a powerful force to advance global cooperation grounded in the values of multilateralism, universality and interconnectedness. Fostering this movement can shape new narratives around a globalized world that is also just and sustainable. The UN SDG Action Campaign draws on longstanding partnerships with creative and arts communities, using their speed and agility to create compelling campaigns that capture current aspirations for change.