To achieve significant results by 2030, engaging with key partners and leaders who share a common vision of sustainable development, building meaningful platforms and connecting with new groups and networks  is imperative to reach out to millions worldwide, urge decision-makers to take action and build the transformative movement that we are embarked upon.

Through the design and production of tailored SDGs advocacy, communication strategies- we support and serve Member States, the UN system, organizations across sectors, including civil society, Local Governments, art & culture, think tanks, media, private sector and activists and individuals to inspire action for the SDGs through tailored strategies and advocacy tools.

We invite organisations, businesses, government entities, creatives and SDG activists who are working relentlessly to help people and planet surmount the global challenges, to come together to achieve our common Goals.


The UN SDG Action Campaign works closely with:

The main external partners of the UN SDG Action Campaign are:

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