26 NOVEMBER 2019

UN SDG Campaign Office is moving into Langer Eugen

General-Anzeiger: The UN SDG Action Campaign is organizing the fourth "Global Festival of Action" at the World Conference Center Bonn. In 2020 the United Nations will also celebrate its 75th anniversary.

23 OCTOBER 2019

IPC to advance the Sustainable Development Goals

IPC: The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) highlighted its commitment to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals by signing a landmark Statement of Intent with the UN SDG Action Campaign on the first day of the IPC Conference in Bonn.


UN launches worldwide campaign by Weischer.Media

Invidis.de: The United Nations is launching its global campaign to achieve the 17 sustainability goals. The idea and creation came from Weischer.Media.

30 JULY 2019

Tokyo 2020 to be transformational: Paralympics can change the stigma around disability and advance the SDGs

IPC: IPC is looking at how to build SDG messaging into the Ceremonies, turn Paralympians into SDG advocates to disseminate information to global audiences and help promote existing SDG Action Campaign initiatives.